Give-A-Ways R Us

I wanted to remind you of my first blog give away. It is the Dang It Doll. I think there is a time that we all need a Dang It Doll to flail against the walls. Especially with things like phone sales calls, bill collectors, bad waitresses, newspapers thrown in the gutter (instead of the yard) and like the such. So go to the Dang It Doll blog and leave a comment so you too can get your own aggravation remover.
And in other give aways. Pennies in My Pocket has a give away for some lovely gift bags. Go see how you too can win some or just purchase them at $1.00 each. Yeah just $1.00.
And at Texas Word Tangle you can win a 11" Thomas Stir Fry Pan. It is large enough to cook dinner for the growing masses. And again a chance to get it for free! So look for it and her special incentive that she added.
I also found a wonderful book give away at Ship Full O' Pirates. The book Passionate Housewives Desperate for God is listed there. It seems that we would all like to have a chance to read this one. So go and visit, leave a comment and good luck on winning Passionate Housewives Desperate for God from Ship Full O' Pirates.
So this is your lucky 4 Give Aways. Start your comments Ladies.

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