Saturday was a dream come true day for me. Now I know many of you will have no idea of who or what I am talking about. But if you are a NPR fan like I am then you will be shouting whooo-hoo for me.
My lovely, adorable, amazing, smart, beautiful (and on and on and on) college girl purchased tickets to see Garrison Keillor's Prairie Home Companion Live Radio Show. We went yesterday and made a whole day of it. Leaving early for the 2 hour car trip. Where we had wonderful fun conversation the whole way. Yes my 21 yr old daughter talked with me for 2 hours! Actually all day. When we arrived in Abilene Texas we first found the college campus where they were hosting the show. Then we drove to the mall for a walk around. We live in a town that is 2 miles by 2 miles so we do not get to "mall walk" much anymore. Then we drove back to Abilene Christian University to line up for the opening of the coliseum. Anticipation was so high for us. So excited we were. Then it was time to be allowed in. Yeah! Finally. And I can not tell you the show. Go hear it at find a station.
Afterwards, we just sat and sat watching the cast and crew as they did their after show tear down. A little info. Prairie Home Companion is the only live radio show that is still on the air. They have been on the air since 1979 on National Public Radio. This is done with a small cast and wonderful band (The Guys All Star Shoe Band) acting out all the roles, sound effects and singing amazing songs. Yeah I am a fan!. Finally we left. Found a all you can eat Chinese buffet to feast upon. And there we met up with some of my hubby's extended family that did not make it to the reunion last weekend. So some fun catching up there for us. Finally we started home. And again talked, talked and talked.
It was a wonderful day, wonderful event and one that my memory will hold on to tight.

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  1. Oh yea! I know that NPR lingo sister!
    My 3 now teenagers....have grown up to the tune of ....
    DUN DUN DUNdun dun dun dun dun....
    (NPR tune)
    Oh you get the picture??? RIGHT?

    Love Lake Wobegone.......that is a great dream come true day!



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