A WEEK OF MEALS/.44 per person per meal

Well we have had a great start this week with wonderful meals already.
Nessa made a delicious crock pot chili for Monday night. And all it cost her was the spices. The beans were left from Friday nights dinner and the meat from her goody bag from grandma (yes we have presents of food). We added crackers from here (childcare help) and chips (from the reunion). And there is still plenty of tea from the reunion too.
Tuesday my mom (she is 74 and lives with us) did Bar-b-que Pork ribs ($8.00) in the crock pot. Oh was so yummy! And made fresh green beans (1.00 a bag on sale) with potatoes (I still had 3 from the food pantry), a nice green salad (fixings from burgers at reunion made this) and yeast rolls. More was spent on this meal then others. But we all just went to town on it. Of course we are drinking that tea (reunion).
I wonder what is on the menu for tonight. I hear that chicken spaghetti is lurking in the near future. And my daughter wants to make salmon patties too. We will give you a break down of all the cost at the end of the week with the menus.
Well for week two of combined meals we are eating GOOD!
Wednesday was left over night at Nessa's house. Here my lovely daughter made a fav of breakfast rice (free from food pantry). Rice with butter and sugar is like a little warm sweetness.
Thursday was heaven on earth here. I have to tell you Nessa is a wonderful cook. She made homemade chicken and rice soup. Yumm! The recipe is over at her site. The rice was left over from the night before (sans any sugar or butter), the onion we had from family reunion weekend (aka free) and the chicken came in her care package from her Grandmother. And the milk was from the childcare kids. So the meal was all Free! Go over to her site to see the recipe. I have added the pic here for all to see. We had bread and butter to go with it here. The bread is free too. My hubby works part time at a convenience store and it is the day old that they get rid of. We bring it home and stick it in the freezer so that provides almost all of our bread that we need. So the cost of some margarine to spread on it was all. LOL We even watched a borrowed movie of Indian Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. So dinner and a movie at 0 cost is a great night at home.
Friday is our weekly game night of Hand n' Foot. We do the main course and family and friends bring the extras. This week we had pizza that my mom bought for all. 3 large pizzas fed this house hold and my hubby and the crew he worked with for the night. Nessa's group was also having pizza for Friday night there. 2 large pizzas was good there. So we all splurged and bought 5 large pizzas total. $35.00 was way past budget but we splurged.
So cost for the week has been:
$44.00 for dinner for 8 people for 5 days and lunch for 4 people for 5 days. That is a total of 60 individual meals so the break down is .44 per person per meal for the week so far.

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