My First Give-Away!

OK, Here is my first give away!
It is not fancy at all. Just fun!

Your very own DANG-IT DOLL!

Yes this rag doll is the answer to all your frustrations.
The end all to bad days. Keeps you from taking your anger out on
those Dear Dear Children and Ever So Loving Husbands. (choke choke)

It has a tag on it with precise instructions.
Note that you should always follow directions ladies.


When you think you want to climb the walls
or stand right up and shout!
Here's a little DANG-IT doll you cannot do without.
Just grasp it firmly by the legs
and find a place to bang it.
And as you whack the stuffing out,


Now for the business side of this give away. I am new so do not have all the fancy smanchy things. Just please post a comment as to why you want this lovely lil lady. And be kind enough to place a link or message on your blog so others can try and win her. Make sure I have your name, link to blog or email so I can notify the winner. I will draw for a winner on Halloween so one of you get a treat that day. And we will leave the tricks for the others. When I am done I will use the scientific measures of drawing your name from a hat. I will use Nessa as my official judge to make sure I am fair. Good luck!


  1. I am wondering if you could make other figures like a boss doll, a neighbor doll, a doctor doll, a lawyer doll.

    Giving this valuable doll away? It is very useful and I would wack it constantly.

  2. Jaye there are days that I wonder how there is any stuffing left? Kill the doll or kill the rest of the world????????? Looking for a special one for you!

  3. I can't kill/maim actors, I can't whip my doctor's staff, I can't whack my professors, I can't gag the kids, I have no good place to hide the bodies - some form of stress relief would be...well, a relief!

  4. I think she's cute just as a doll.:-) I love blog giveaways, so I just have to enter!

    Pick me! Pick me!

  5. Cute doll! Great idea. A plastic baseball bat on a soft couch works too. :o)


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