Trade a Puppy for your Lil Girl?

Well I made a great trade. Vet bills for child care. Now this is frugal living. LOL
Or just getting lucky, which I really needed.
My daughter's funny looking puppy (short legs, longer body and stocky) came down with Parvo. We tried at home treatment for two days but I was getting really worried for him. So we went to the vet. Now I knew my check was coming in the next day so I could pay a vet bill. But that would take away from paying house payments. So I did not know how I was going to make up for the extra expeness. But the puppy was really ill and you have to take care of your loved ones. So off we went.
We arrived to be greeted by a 20 month old lady of energy. She was able to say hi, pet the puppy, get into dog meds, pull out needles and escape her mom's hand in about 10 seconds flat. After her mom was able to corner her, scoop her up and access why I was there we were able to start our discussion of children and the workplace. I understand why sometimes you have to have your child with you, but it does make it hard to do what you need to do and them get the attention they will get one way or the other. Luckily I do in home childcare. And currently have a family of 20 month old twin girls with their 4 year old brother and 6 year old sister. So after a little talk, treatment for our ill puppy and gathering up of a 20 month old we came to an agreement. I will babysit for her for two weeks and she will pay on my vet bill. So I only paid $37.50 for treating my puppy for parvo. And now we have an extra playmate for a couple of weeks. Pretty neat if you ask me.

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