Back up and going

Well I missed a day here. I was very ill yesterday but up and on the mend today. My eyes still hurt. Yeah, I thought it was odd that my eyes hurt. Not a normal symptom of illness. Nor that tongue was black either. I don't know. Too odd and was feeling too bad to care. My mom watched the girls we babysit for the most part. And my neighbor came over and filled in for some much needed bathroom breaks. Today will be easier as one of the 20 month old will only be here til noon. So then will have just the twin 20 month old girls, their 4 yr old brother and 6 yr old sister. Was a help yesterday as the grandpa came and got the lil boy for us. Also our puppy is on the mend. Parvo has been demolished once again. He is up running and playing like his ol self. So maybe today will be a better day. Of course It is 5 am and I have been up since 2 am so maybe I am being optimistic? I am joining "The Secret is in the Sauce" this week too. So maybe you have popped over from there to visit and say hi de do. And if so. Welcome to my musings. I try to do better than this but with a day down (and it takes a lot to get me down) I am not up to my perky ol self. Still say hello and lets see if we all can support each others thoughts.


  1. Aww, sorry to hear about that. Hope you are feeling much, much better soon! Especially with all those kiddos to take care of, wow. Good luck!!

    Thanks for your saucy visit!! :)

  2. Thanks Tabitha! The day is half over and I feel so much better. Able to care for kids, work on garage sale items, clean house and plan for our Friday Night Game night. Must have been your Saucy visit that put me right!


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