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I know I have posted about this before, but I really can not get over the great time I had at little cost compared to most weekend get aways. I think more should look into what they have in the small town they live in. Even if it is not a small town there are those local businesses that are worth looking into.
I recently stayed at a B & B for the 2nd time. I have to say that I feel this is a gem that most do not know about.
The quiet and peace is unmatched. Add to this mix all the wonderful stores and eateries now on the square. A great weekend is all set up. Ladies go shopping at the antique malls, men gather and have coffee at CJ's. Enjoy lunch specials at the Wooden Spoon, Plunder House or (if it is Friday) Yumm's. Go to dinner at Pony Express (or have it delivered), Star Beau's and at CJ's. Take an evening stroll around the square and eat ice cream cones from Blossoms Blue Bell hand dipped parlor and read the historic markers we have on the corner. And soon you will be able to play games at the new game room being set up. Saturday afternoon you can go to the museum and learn more about our community as it has grown up. And there are free wine tasting every Saturday and Sunday at Brennan's Vineyard. And there is the store Wild West. Penny works there and is the best New York transplant I have met in years. This woman is a delight to talk with and just ever so helpful. Go in and give her a hi-de-do and she will point you to the best sells in the store.
I have so many items that I purchase for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, white elephant auctions and the such that I find at these great "antique" stores. Wild West, Plunder House and The Court House Square Mall (aka Blossoms) are great shopping alternatives to Walmart and the such. You find creative gifts and items that make you remember growing up and going to grandma's house. Tell me where else can you find:
Whoop Ass Hot Sauce
Pink Flamingos in Bathing Suits
God Bless America Stain Glass Window
Books dating from the 1800's and early 1900's
and a great looking man's black dress belt
in one square block and not spend $$$$ on gas going from place to place?

Shopping home is more than the dollar stores and grocery. Shopping home is buying your tires locally, having the boy down the street mow for you (even when you can do it yourself) and getting local child care even if you travel to S-ville or B-wood for work. Shopping home is also economical and the only way to keep small towns alive. Thanks to all the people who are putting their "asses" on the line to bring us business here. Because if we do not give them the little extra cash we have to spend then they lose out.
I know I sound like an ad, but have enjoyed what Comanche has to offer and feel that many of us who live here forget to view this place like a tourist. You don't have to go away to get away. Tell us what you like as your own way of enjoying your hometown?

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  1. So true! I try as much as I can to shop local. We go to our local Farmer's Market every week to get all we can there before we head out to any other stores. Some good ideas, thanks!! :) Have a great one!


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