This weekend has been quite eventful. It started with family game night that we have every Friday night. I made 6 home made pizzas. And with making them myself they came out to $7.00 per pizza. And lots and lots of toppings. Then we had our annual Pow-Wow weekend here in Comanche Texas. It is our version of a craft fair. A good way for many local charities to raise money and for us to get out and have loads of fun. Antique car shows, Indian dancing, Wild West shootouts and tons and tons of food. While listening to bands playing, people talking and squealing kids, I proceeded to eat my way through the Pow-Wow. Had mapped out plans even for this is a two day event. So I can eat for two days and get all the goodies. And yes I mean goodies. Cajun Shrimp Kabobs, hot roasted buttered corn on the cob, bar-b-que, tamales, turkey legs, funnel cakes and even deep fried Twinkies. Talk about a gastric smorgasbord. And of course I can purchase my home made soaps from my fav soap maker, sterling silver jewelry for my daughter and even my mom in laws birthday present. You top this off with a musical at the local college and I was set. My daughter was doing the lighting crew for GodSpell. So Saturday night me and my neighbor (and good blogger) Nessa went for a evening out on the town. Seeing those college kids with all that energy got me all reved up. Music always makes me so happy. And the life these kids breath into the atmosphere is like a pulse you have to join in on. We did not make it home and in bed before 2 am. But I was up bright and early Sunday morning so I did not miss out on a bit of Pow-Wow. Of course I was helping my in-laws set up booths for there Catholic Church so that was my ticket in. We picked up my daughter the night before so we pal'd around for a good portion of the morning. Then picked up her lil sis who is 2 yrs old and some neighborhood kids and went back to listen to the high school band. Finally dragged home around 6 pm and still had energy to have a feast of left overs with the neighbors. Her daughter said it was like a fun Thanksgiving. I did not know that pizza, tamales, turkey legs and lemon bars was a feast. But the environment at the table sure made it so. A wonderful weekend. Now where was that Peptol-Bismal?


  1. "Talk about a gastric smorgasbord."

    I have to tell you that the mnute I read that I thought of Templeton the rat from Charlotte's Web, eating his way through the fair.

    It was a rockin' weekend! I enjoyed sharing it with you!

  2. Felt like Templeton. Happy as a Rat!

  3. Craft fairs, homemade pizza...sounds like a GREAT weekend!


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