Bill Day

There are days and then there are days. Some of them you sail through and end up with a few things done and a feeling that life is good. Then the days you wade through the muck and mire. Where sounds are too loud, time is not stretched and energy has been sapped. My worse one every month is bill day. I have one check a month that I get to try and stretch to cover all the bills. Of course this is impossible. Next I get to lay out the monthly plan of when bills are due and where money is coming from. Of course I am always praying that it will drop from the sky. Bill day takes at least 3 hours without interruptions. Doing it with three 20 month old girls is a task one should not even contemplate. Thankfully about an hour into it my mom took the girls for nap time. Bill day makes me tired, worried and fearful. Here lately it has become harder and harder since I am now down to one permanent family for childcare income. I have cut as many bills as I possible can or so I think. I am actually looking at one more that I could trim if the family is willing to sacrifice. It will save another $15.00 from what we pay and still have a "luxury" item. And I see that in three more months I will have one bill paid off and that money can go to something else. Oh, bill day? Do you have one? How do you budget?

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  1. Oh the dreaded bill day! Gives me hives! lol The way we save is by over-estimating on our bills. So if we think the power bill is going to be $175 we'll have it budgeted for $215 and automatically put that much in that 'area'. We do this with as many bills as possible. That way when we're all done there is a surplus...that goes into savings. It sounds confusing, but it's not that bad. Luckily, my hubby does the bills. Numbers give me anxiety. lol


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