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My dad here in town has a subscription to Reader's Digest. And his "green" thing is to recycle them by passing them on to me. Of course I love that! This month has a great section on many ways to save using the Internet. Follow the link in the title and you too can find some new ways to help your budget. I do not know any one's budget that is not straining during this election year. I feel that being more "green" is also a way to help one's budget. So how are you green? Are you green and not even aware. It is so easy in many ways as green and frugal go hand in hand. So I am sharing my "green" list. See how many you do. I bet you can bet me! Tell me how your frugal/green.

I mulch and reuse my yard waste as compost.

I wait until my washing machine is completely full and then I wash in cold water.

I refill my hand soap dispensers with economic smaller refill bottles instead of buying new dispensers.

I have a tap filtering pitcher for drinking tap water instead of buying bottled water for my home and refill a safe bottle for my hubby to take to work.

I use a travel mug for drinking and refill it at stores instead of using disposable cups or can and bottled soda.

I use canvas bags for shopping and all other kinds of things too.

I bath my dogs after my bath in my bathwater (minus me in it). One dog per bath that I have. lol

I do not use chemicals on my lawn or in the garden.

I keep my windows open to use sunshine for light instead of electricity. Also promotes good mental health.

I use cloth napkins instead of paper towels.

I open windows instead of turning on the air conditioning when is not 100+ temps of course.

I reuse my coffee grounds for plant food. Helps them stay perky--guess they also like the caffeine.

I wear used clothing and donate back to used clothing closet.

I recycle paper, cans and plastic.

In public restrooms, I dry my hands naturally by using only time.

I carry a mug for drinks I buy to go.

I give volunteer time to green non-profits.

I eat one locally sourced meal a week.

I own shop at garage sales.

I do not shop except for essentials.

I also try to share as much as possible of what I have that I do not need with others.

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