There is always time to dance!

Well I am not sure if this is the end of the week or the beginning of the week?
A full day to say the least. I did sleep in til after 8 am again. Whoo hooo two days in a row. But had an early call that my ex sis in law was not going to make it through the day. I am so sorry for her daughters and mother. I know she has hurt for some time and now that ends. I remember some really good times with her growing up. She always treated me well. What is better than that?
I made 6 pizzas and took them to my great niece's 1st birthday party. And carried my daughter's sister who is 2 to the party too. Yes my daughter's sister but not my child nor step child. She had a grand time discovering that swinging is not really scary at all but great fun. And was delighted to see my sister made a birthday cake just for me. One without icing. How sweet of her to think of me that way.
My daughter's puppy is ill though. Poor thing "puked" through out the night and most of the day. I have gotten him some pepto bismal and pedialite. I have used this on previous dogs who where ill and had good results. I am hoping to stop the upset tummy and runs so he stops losing weight. And to keep his fluids and electrolites up.
Other than that? Well cooked, did dishes, cleaned up after people and animals but took time to see a movie. So was good in that manner.
My darling hubby has been sleeping the majority of the day. But with him working 75 hours this week and taking his interferon treatment last night after 1 am. What can I expect. Poor man working so hard to get so little. Works a 40 hr job to bring home right at $100 a week after taxes, child support and insurance. Has to work a second job of 20+ hours just to get a little more. Does not leave him much free time at all.
Still not sure what we are going to do about daughter's car? Hope to talk to neighbor tomorrow to see if he can help us? Pray for that one!
Otherwise. Well, life. It is what it is. Good, bad and ugly...or better yet, it is what we make of it. And as I always say----There is always time to dance.



  1. That video is the greatest thing! I laughed and laughed! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the dance evolution video, thanks for the laughs! I always say dance is exercise, it saves a trip to the gym. I'm with you, I love my ex-sis-in-law.


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