car problems

There is always something. We all know that. So getting to sleep in til after 8 am this morning was delightful in itself. The phone ringing was not a surprise either as most know I am an earlier riser so they would expect me awake. Tis, Tis. Not so. My lovely college student daughter was in need of rescue. Well, actually, she had called a knight in shining armor to come to her aid. We are the clean up crew. LOL Her car had broke down on the side of the highway and it needed to be brought back to life. Sad to say we could not do surgery in that condition. So called our emergency road side assistance to get the car towed home. (yeah, first we tried to fix it for 3 hours) Then we met her at the college to take her on a "prop" run for the theater department. Finally headed home, had a bite for lunch at 3 pm and stopped at a garage sale for a few great buys. Serious. We found the album (LP) of Woodstock for $2.00. A great find for our afore mentioned daughter. Some nice crystal pieces and an old laundry hamper that looks like a doll house. Finally home again, home again. Yeah. No, not yet. Dogs needed out and of course running all over. So lock them in house. Oh a/c not working. Check it out. Dogs had chewed through the thermostat wiring. So fix that. Run to store for food for dinner. Daughter arrives home with the shining knight to tell us she is ill and has to go back to school no matter what. So find drugs and a weeks worth of provisions. $$ for food and gas and kisses to her head. Off she went and now I can finally start dinner. Oh the car? Yeah made it home and is sitting in neighbor's driveway so we can fix it. May be cracked manifold or head gaskets. Have to see. Today's link in the title is to rock auto. The best place I have found for car parts. With shipping and handling they normally are cheaper than any auto store in our area. So keep them in mind for future help.

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