day by day life is in motion

Well I know I do not keep up here as I should. But....well that was my whole defense.
There has been so much to do, understand and plan for. Of course, all the plans are not working. We wanted to be here for my youngest step daughter only to see that it is not to be as we hoped. Makes me sad for her and us. So much there but not going to say. My mother has had her first heart attack. Lord above has her here and onary as before. She feels she is not ill and all is fine. I do know that there are changes to be done but she is not wanting to listen to her daughter. She feels that she does not need to eat. And average day of food for her is a bisquit, gravy and a banana. Yes a day! That is all. Then add her cokes and cigs and she is a picture of health. Sure sure!
My husband is doing better and only has a couple of months to go on his meds. I am so glad for him. He is still tired all the time. But there is a end in site for him. My lovely daughter is working hard at college. She loves it. She lives for academia. I am back to doing child care for the twins and their siblings. And still doing minor repairs on my home bit by bit. Also have a large family reunion to get ready for. Time to finish the mail outs there. And as always, money money money. Yeah not enough of it. Duh! Would love to be one of those women who can easily pay bills and buy food. LOL I have not been to the grocery store in over a month. And don't see going anytime soon. But I know how to plan and no one here is the wiser. I seem to be griping too much. Need to look at brighter side of life. I am healty, have a loving family and am in a good home. Just take my meds and feel better.

Well have a good day all. And maybe I will get better at this.

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