Who sleeps?

I am becoming a fan of not sleeping. It seems that I wake each night while the rest of my family is resting. I know I am tired but still wide awake. Of course I do the customary turn and flip from side to side for awhile. But eventually I get up, steal my robe and socks from their hidey hole and wonder out of the bedroom. My entourage of pets follow to make sure I can find my way from one room to the next. I hate being awake half the night if not more. And it does make me so tired later in the day. I actually of fantasies of just having time to sleep. To nap or just rest my eyes for a bit each day. I do not wish to wake my family so I try to be quiet. Often I end up here on this machine letting it steal the time from me. Or I may do household chores that no one else ever wants to do. I catch up on letters, bills and emails. I doctor my foot that is always seeming to be on a verge of a breakout, in the middle of a breakout or healing from a breakout. Yeah, weird thing I have going on there.
But I am wondering how others who have trouble sleeping solve this problem? Do they ever get to sleep enough? Or have they happily embraced this as "their" time? Any ideas? Suggestions? Or are you just as tired as I am?

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