Thankful Thursday Revisited

I have to post a copy of a blog from my across the street neighbor. She has been so positive and then to say this about my family has made me feel so wonderful. It is amazing to find out that someone thinks so highly of me. I tend to be the "negative nancy" when I think of myself. I forget that people see me from the outside looking in and I see the inside trying to get out. Amazingly different perspectives. And after having a week of being bashed by a "friend" I needed to know that I am making a difference in someone's life. So here is to you Nessa. I have raised my cup of coffee to you and am willing to share my chocolate any time. Thanks for not only paying it forward but to do so with such a cheerful heart.

I am thankful for my amazing neighbors, John, Lenore, Denea, and Grandma Marge. These are some crazy, awesome, fantastic, loving folks! They are a blast to hang out with, will share their wisdom with you, let you cry on their shoulder, make you laugh, are always there for you, and always seem to know when you really need a cup of coffee. The four of us are blessed to have them in our life. I am so thankful that we made a home near such great folks. It was like finding family living across the street.

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