Robert A McPeak

I have lost my daddy now. I was so happy to find him and have him in my life. His unconditional love had healed so many of my wounds. He gave me respect and acceptance in his gentle way. The time we had was so short--just a few years. And it hurts so to never have his touch, hear his voice or see his reassuring eyes. The love my daddy gave his granddaughter was infinite. He delighted in the sight of her. To have her share her hopes, dreams and goals with him was like children playing. My daddy also loved my mom. He gave her the caring she had never known before. My brother came home to my daddy again. That was beautiful. To see those two men together. One standing tall, young and with the future before him. The other to be sitting there stooped yet fulfilled with his life. Thank you bubba for being with daddy. A family has been joined together. One that never existed before. One that can grow and thrive. A family to carry on a name, a history....a life. I miss my daddy already. I will miss him always. But I am so happy to have had my daddy. God please bless and keep him always.

Robert (Bob) Alan McPeak passed away February 16, 2008 of natural causes. Born at Oxnard, California March 6, 1939 Mr. McPeak was 68 years of age. He was preceeded in death by his mother Wilma Rupp, his father Chester McPeak and his sister Virginia Harms. Bob served our country in the U S Army and the U S National Guard leaving with an Honorable Discharge. He was owner of Glory Graphics specializing as a Graphic Artist, Editor and Art Director for local papers The Police News, The Gull n Herons, Pet Talk and The Gambler. Bob also was the Graphic Artist and Editor for several books by local writer, Jim Stevenson. Mr. McPeak was an employee of The Mirror in Texas City for many years and before that was a professional photographer/owner of Clear Lake Photography. The family and friends of Robert Alan McPeak held a memorial at the Travel Lodge in Texas City on February 17, 2008. Robert McPeak is survived by his son Jason McPeak, daughter in law Jennifer McPeak, granddaughter Jenna Silies all of Webster, Texas. His daughter Lenore Webb, son in law John Webb, granddaughter Jennifer "Denea" Little and special friend Margrette Keough all of Comanche, Texas. His brother Michael McPeak and sister in law Sydney McPeak of Wichita, Kansas. And by cousins, nieces and nephews through out the United States. "Penny Bright", Bob's constant companion, will be cared for by Margrette Keough. As many friends will say, "Mr. Bob was a good neighbor, caring friend and will be missed by all!"

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