Life has changed

Well I have not been here for some time. Why? Well life is for the better and as most I got caught up in it. Things went from bad to worse to get out of my life to..........hey, I am so glad you changed for us. My husband has not had a drink in almost a year now. Life is so much smoother. He is back to the man I met, fell in love with and dazzled by. Nice to be dazzled again. He also has a new job that he loves so much more. No more upset from work, long drives to and from nor working for a demanding person that does not know what she wants to demand. Also my daughter has been home from college for the spring too. So I have had her company and immense help here at home. We have taken in several children for mom's to help them out and increase our income. So we are finally meeting our bills and breathing a little easier. So as you know from your own life when things are going good you tend to flow with it instead of examining life.

This is just a short to apologize for the long absence. I will try to get back to writing.

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