Anchors Away

Well my daughter was to ship out on the 18th. And today the 19th she is sitting here on our courch. What a short time it was. No she did not drop out of the Navy. She arrived in Dallas for MEPS after great torrents of tears here. And before she was to "ship" to Great Lakes IL she had to redo her medical exam. Lo and behold there were some places on her feet that they want to check out. (Personally they look like her shoes were too tight to me!) So they have to reschedule everything now. So tomorrow (the 20th) she will go back to Dallas to stay the night in a wonderful hotel so she can see a dermotologist on Friday the 21st. Then they will send her back home. If all goes well her new ship out date is November the 22nd now. So all the tears and heatbreak was for nought. We shall keep you up to date on her upcoming return to the Navy. LOL

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