Time is ticking by

I know yall are tired of hearing about my daughter leaving. But it is what is taking up all my energy. I know I prepared for this for 18 yrs but that does not make leaving any easier. Also worried due to the fact that when her recruiter picks her up next Monday (yes less than a week away) it will only be her and I here. Oh the tears! We had a party for her two weekends ago. Was a nice turn out. And this last weekend we attended a family reunion on my husband's side (her step father). Yesterday we started packing her room up. And getting it ready for her step brother to move into. Oh my. Giving away my baby's space. I guess the hard part is we are preparing not to see her for almost 2 yrs. I know people get leave from the service but it does not look like it will be in her best interest before that time. Maybe next summer if we are real real lucky. When she finishes with boot camp they will ship her on to school in CA. She will arrive there just a day or two before Christmas. There really will not be time or money for her to grab a flight home for just a day or two. So best she stays there and takes that time to get acquainted with campus and her duties. She will be in CA for about 1 1/2 yrs with language school. Then she will come back to Texas (YEAH!) for about 6 mths to finish off. We will see here every chance we get then. So since she has never left home longer than church camps this is a hard thing for her and I. We are close and know that this is that step that breaks the bond of a mommy and her baby to become more and more woman to woman. I am so proud of her! I know she is doing the right thing and she will succeed. She is strong minded and steady as a rock. Just continue to keep her in you thoughts and prayers for me please. As you have heard over and over, she is my one and only baby girl.

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