happy belated anniversary

Well it is a few days late for yall, but I did celebrate my 2nd wedding anniversary this week. (The 13th for those who just dying to know). We did not do anything fancy this year. First hubby been working so hard at second job. So he has been getting in late (like 9pm) most nights. I made a home cooked meal of meat, tators and veggies. Again not fancy but filling and smelt like a good country house here. We enjoyed dinnner with our kids and roommate. Of course all the doggies were around the table waiting for thier scapes. Afterwards I pulled out a banana nut cake from the oven fresh and hot. Served it up with butter slathered on top and we melted with each bite. The kids cleaned up so me and hubby could go and sit on porch swing and enjoy what was left of the evening. Yeah thoughts of a nice meal out and a run away weekend at some motel drifted across my mind. But just cant afford it this year. And what the heck, I have him and he adores me. More than many women can say. So we snuggled in extra tight, said our night time whisperings and silently said our prayers thanking God for putting us togeather. I had a wonderful anniversary.

Now for a little joke.
(little joke)

A husband came home from a hard day at work to be greeted by his wife at the door. She was dressed to the nines' and blocking his path into the house. She told her husband that she wanted to have him take her out and it had to be somewhere expensive. Seeing that she was serious he took her arm and escorted her to the car. Opened her door and helped her inside. Closed her door and went around the car and climbed inside. As he was backing out of the he saw her satisfied smile. Down the road they went and he delivered her to the most expensive place in town.

The gas station.

Ha Ha! Have a great weekend.

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