Just a swinging'

As I said I live in a little town in central Texas. This last Saturday night our local VFD and ladies aux sponsored a street dance on our town square. It was fun to take a twirl across the town and to tap our toes to a little country fun. Sunday was a day of rest, well was suppose to be. Instead we had a pipe break in one of our bathrooms and the place was baptized. So half a day of trying to stop that. As usual we could not get the parts we needed in this small town so we have a gaping hole in the wall of our bathroom. And the pipes are cut off so we can not bath in that room. Funny enough the door handle came off in that same bathroom this morning and locked my poor hubby inside. I was out walking the dogs and he was inside banging and trying to get out. Well it is always something you know. Yesterday was my 2nd wedding anniversary too. My hubby is still working two jobs so we did not get to go out, but I made a good dinner and a nice hot cake that we bathed in butter for dessert. So life here is doing the usual. Nice to know I can sit on my veranda (porch for others) and enjoy the breeze blowing through the wind chimes. I hope you have time to do the same there!

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