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Again not posting blogs lately. I feel like a hamster on a wheel. Running and getting nowhere. Have had good and bad lately but mostly we are making do. And who can ask for more? My step son who is 19 moved in with us right as we were moving. Well I have enjoyed having him around. He is a dear boy! He is happy that he has finally found a job at our local grocery store. So things are looking up for him. My daughter is still waiting for her ship out date in October. Nervous but knowing that this is what is in store for her next. Sadly we had to make the decision for her not to come home for Christmas. She will have time available but it will take all she has earned at that time to fly here and back. I dont think she should drain her finances that way. Give herself time to earn a little more and we will snail mail and email her in the mean time. Oh our car also gave up the ghost so we had to find another one through a tote the note place. It is an 2000 Ford Contour 4-door with auto and a/c. Also it is a burgandy/maroon color. I am thankful we could get it now we just have to see where we are going to draw the car payments from. Well God provides so we will just trust there.

I hope that at least. Actually not expecting miracles but happy at the effort. What am I talking about you wonder. Well my sweet hubby is an alcholic. I knew this before we married and accept that it is his choice not mine. Lately with all the strain here finacially he has really be dosing himself with the hops. Again I am not shocked as that is his normal way of dealing with stress. But also it gets way over his head too. So he has noticed that he has lost all his family time due to drinking. That he spends more time of the porch with a beer and cigarette (must go hand in hand) that he has not seen me in over a month. See I wont sit with him when he is on a binge. I find other things to occupy myself with. I still let him know I love him and miss him. Also I always assure him that I will also be here no matter what. And I will. But I will not accompany him down that road of oblivion. Well as I was saying he is missing me, the family and just day to day continuity. So he is trying hard not to drink after his hard days working. They are hard days as he is working his regular 8 hour job and then another 3 or 4 hours after that at a side job. So he gets up in the morning takes his lunch and coffee that I made and leaves her around 7:30 am. He does well to be home by 9pm so he can have dinner and a shower before falling into bed. This is a man who in the last 4 yrs has had a double heart value replacement and a pacemaker put in. He has a hard time working so much and also an 8 hour day on Saturdays. But we need the money and he is trying so hard. So I am applauding his efforts to not drink and to provide so for us. Do I hear you clapping too

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