Well finally back online! Fought and fought with verizon to do it too. Let's not go there right now! But I am happy to be here where I belong. Well I am a bit older too, as yesterday was my birthday. Thank you Thank you!
I am now a young 42. And I am loving my new (old) home. Have coffee on the veranda most mornings. So come and join me. I am such a city girl stuck in a country town. But I really have a contry home. Not western mind you, but old country style in and out. That is ok, it is really comfortable. Also my step son has moved in with us too. He is 19 and loves being here. Also my 18 yr old daughter ships out for the Navy in October. So we will see how I handle that.

Well going to catch up on email. Yall be happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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