Down time or Hiding.......Hummm

Well since my husband has been home, life around here has been busy. Especially the weekends. It seems we have at least 4 to 8 extra people here each weekend. And that is getting exhausting. Also I have been really tired here lately. So sleepy and just plain ol' out of energy. My chores are not getting done and I seem to be able to do one or two things and then I have to rest. Or I feel like I am going to faint. Also been having alot of blurred vision also. I will be having some blood work up done here pretty soon. Also I know things are not going to be any easier. We are going to have a friend move in for a few months while they start thier new job and have to save for thier own home. And by the end of July my daughter will start band camp and track practice. She has been checking into a few different colleges and also the Navy. Trying to decide what she is going to do after she graduates this year. And on top of all of this we have 4 new kittens in our home. So busy busy and tired. The garden is getting pretty wild and I am way behind on my weeding there. And we have added some 5 chickens and a new smaller rooster to our 2 guines. Going to have a farm one day right here in the middle of this teeny tiny town. Well I guess I can read this and better understand why I may be so tired. Thanks for listening to me fuss so I can make sense to myself.

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