Get to Work

Still my quiet place here.  Like talking in my head.  I know it is good to have a way to air my thoughts and feelings and not necessarily what anyone else hears.  So what am I feeling lately?

Like giving up.  Like I am only here for others when they need the help of some kind.  Like I am unnoticed otherwise.  Like an instant worker that is called on....robot-like.

I do not get a phone call, text or message from anyone of come visit me, let's have lunch or wanna talk.  Instead, I hear when it is, I need help, wanna clean, here is a task that I can't do.  I do not feel noticed as a friend or even desired to be with to hang around.  Only a worker, doer, someone to complete a job.

It makes me want to just hide.  Not reach out.  Not let anyone in anymore.  Quit where I am at.

Lonely being only asked to work.

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