The Kiddos?

Well, I told you that I was caring for my great-nieces and nephew.  That has not changed but their place here has.  We now have full legal custody of the three kiddos.  Having added a 12 yr old, 11 yr old and 4 yr old sure is changing our lives.  Yes, it gets louder here than it was.  No, we have not gone crazy...yet.  But we have found a new pace, a schedule that works for all of us and a peace of mind that we are all working toward a goal.

It is not easy to be looking at your senior years and then all of a sudden be "new" parental units again.  Patience is never been my strong suit and I am having to learn how to try and step back and breath more often.  But the kids need stability ever so much.  So we are doing our best to give them just that.

Now we have talked about College Girl here (who is no longer that title....??? needs new name too) and Dear Hubby and the Grandbabes.  So what is the title I need to give these three?  Currently, I have been saying the Kiddos. Not sure what works but if you think of something then let me know.

In the mean time, have a great day....happy holiday and know I appreciate you hanging out with me.

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