Come on God, I need a break

When I first started this blog many many years ago, it was like an online journal.  I never even thought of anyone reading it.  Well, it has been pretty well abandoned for a few years now.  So most likely does not have any readers anymore.  Thus it can once again be my quiet place to write out what is going on inside of me.

Lately, my life has been one big trama after another.  From last year at this time trying to care for my dad, Tom who was very ill and not fighting for his life at all.  He passed in November of 2018.  Then 8 days after that my oldest brother passed unexpectedly.  Caring for all the financial and arrangements fell on me 100%.  It was horrid to hold up too while keeping myself calm and available on my day to day duties. 

Then it was needing to clean out my dad's home who was a hoarder for over 40 years so my mom could move into it within one month.  She had to have it as could no longer afford where she was living (due to my brother's death).  The 1st room of the house alone was over 2 tons of trash.  Honestly not kidding.  This was month's long events of cleaning, emptying and moving stuff.   

Finally was able to be done with most of that.  Breath....right!  But then I was tasked with caring for a church member that needed a lot of guidance and help.  It was nonending for some time.  Also, my oldest grandson was with us for the whole summer.  (That was also a blessing.)  Oh and of course I care for my young granddaughter daily while her parents work.  So day to day life is always busy.  Let's add on the evening meals for our missionaries, dinners and bible study each week for church members and of course trying to have some time for my husband too. 

Then come August of this year I was tasked to take in my 2 great-nieces and great-nephew.  They were taken from their parents due to a CPS case.  It is now 3 months later and there is no end in sight as to how long they will be living with us.  Having not had much regular scheduled home life it has been very challenging to them as well as us.  Lots of fighting and arguing and crying for the first month alone.  It is getting better thankfully.

Now this last month we have had my middle brother passed away, my uncle passed away, my father in law in the hospital (serious) and now in nursing home care for rehab, my brother in law in the hospital (bells palsy) and a family reunion to all take in.  Of course, added to this is my regular duties, caring for granddaughter, caring for the 3 kiddos here, caring for church members and yes, I amazingly still have a husband around!

It is almost a year now since my dad passed and truthfully I still feel that I have not had time to breathe or even adjust.  I would love to crawl in a hole and stay there for a few months honestly.  Yes, I am fussing, complaining and blowing off my steam.  But this is my place so guess it is okay for me to do it here. 

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