Just Catching Up

 Some time has passed now. My mom passed away in 2020. And I had to clean out her home again. But my sister stayed there. Another gentleman from church had a stroke and it was called on me to clear his home for it to be sold. Also some task of getting things stops he could go into a nursing home. Then I had to clear out my mom’s home a year later from my sister and her family so we could arrange the sale of the house. Yes I have emptied the same home 3 times now. Add in a year of hell from a rebellious teenager that created problems I would have never anticipated. 2020 and 2021 have not even begun to scratch the surface of stress with COVID that I have dealt with on a personal level of life. 

Now I can finally start to breathe again. The oldest niece is out of our home from all of the disruptions she has caused. So it is much calmer now. I still care for two grandbabes that are College girl’s kiddos. (Yes she has a little boy this last year!!). Dear Hubby had shoulder surgery this summer. And I should be having knee replacement surgery next week.  Things do not slow down but the stress level has really leveled out. 

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