Echoes Carry Me Away

This has been a wild ride of a week.  I have not been sharing with you as it would only get me down and I am fighting with every ounce I have to stay upbeat as can be.  Thus I am sharing with you all the ways I am keeping my mind occupied.  I promise soon I will have a flood as everything breaks open and of course it will spill across here as well.  Til then keep up with me and find how many encourgaments I come across in my daily grind.

Currently I ran back to my favorite SisterChick Robin Jones Gunn to catch up on what is going on around Glenbrooke.  Only to find that we popped over to Nashville with Lauren Phillips.  Her life was on track or so she thought.  Oh the times we all thought this too only to be derailed.  Yeah her train wreck happened when her fiance decided that New York was a better deal than marrying her.  Not what one expects to happen but of course we all find ways to get back on the tracks chugging along.  Lauren has a lil help from her brother and the new highway of the world wide web.  She then meets a pen pal who shares her love of  classic writers, soulful conversation and God led life.  From there you have to read Echoes by Robin Jones Gunn to see how it all turns out.  Oh we do finally make it back to Glenbrooke.

Thanks to Blogging for Books for bailing me out.  I needed a far from my life read.  Glad to have one that is reality based but not one that drugged me down at all!  I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

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