Traveling Outside Of Myself

While I have been at the hospital sitting and waiting and waiting and sitting, I have been reading like a mad woman.  It seemed to be the only way I could keep my mind occupied.  Dear Hubby mostly slept after having the double heart caths done and a scope down his throat to check out his heart values.  I don't blame him.  But I did not want to make any noise and disturber him either.

I had just finished up one of the Love Finds You books and so had Granny M.  I went north and she went west.  Let me fill you in.  In Love Finds You in Glacier Bay Alaska, I meet up with some amazing women.  I know that Ginny the main character was suppose to fill my heart.  But it was Ellie and Clay, a story from long ago that tugged at it instead.  This was a good story within a story by writing team Tricia Goyer and Ocieanna Fleiss.  I like them like this.  Now what I do not care for is the fantasy that a successful woman is going to throw away a wonderful career worth gob loads of money away for a life in the middle of nowhere with not a dime to rub together.  That is not realistic at all.  So please, writers, remember we ladies do have love in heart but common sense in our brains.

Granny M took off to Love Finds You in Golden New Mexico where a 1800's mining town gets a lil bit explosive when Madeline makes it to town to help nurse Philip much to Jeremiah's dismay.  Fellow Texan, author Lena Nelson Dooley, brought the history of New Mexico and mining to life.  Granny M enjoyed this one with the true ring of character in Madeline and Jeremiah.  You can find this and the complete Love Finds You series of books at Summerside Press.  I have a couple more of these titles but would adore the chance to read them all.

I have to thank the Litfuse Chicks for hooking me up with the Glacier Bay Alaska book.  To be honest I am still trying to figure out how I received the Golden New Mexico one but Granny M is happy I did!

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