Showered with Love

Serenity has blessed me today. I have won 3 more awards. And I still have not notified the ones who won the last award I posted. OPPPPS! Actually I am honored to have received these. And will do my best to live up to the image.

I was not given any rules. Whooot! That makes life easier but at the same time does not give you any boundaries. Can be issues there????? So what to do and how to do it?

Hummmm? Thinking. Tapping my lil head. And now---Idea! Viola'.

I am going to issue these 3 awards separately.

First is Mom of the Year. I love getting this one because I am feeling less and less like a mom now. Even after having a lovely tribute from my very own CG just days ago. With her being 22 now (where does the time go) and more and more on her own every day. Well I just really feel lost as to my role now. So thanks for telling me I am a Mom of the Year. It touches me. I wish to award this to someone who always doubts herself but is a great Mom. She has more patience than Job with her kids. Amazes me. And she also is right there with them when they are home. Not pushing them away and always looking out for their best interest while letting them stay kids. So Nessa you my Mom of the Year!

The Sisterhood award makes me happy because I am accepted into this sisterhood of bloggers. You have made me feel worthwhile and needed. It is an honor to get to be a "sister" to so many of you. And I know this is a very general way to give this on. But I present it to all the ladies of SITS. This is a sisterhood that goes out and really touches so many. So to all my SITS-ers, give yourself this award!

I really love this award. It is the fav of all I have one so far. Honest Scrap! Well I do try to just be me here. The good, the bad and the ugly. I like to share but not in a "pretentious" way. And I am down to earth. Just trying to make ends meet like most everyone else. I like it when I meet others who are doing the same. Being real. So I have to give this to one of fav--being real--bloggers! Real Live Lesbian.......come on down. You really do just share who you are. Weather it rocks the boat or just connects with others. I love reading your blog. And I am waiting on that kitchen aid coming from swagbucks.


  1. Congratulations on the awards!

    And thanks! Your kind words made me all teary eyed! Love you!

  2. ...Congrats! :) well deserved

  3. Awww...congrats to you!

    Thanks so much for the sweet words and the award! :)


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