Honoring Those Before Us

As I said before, I had to attend a funeral of a friend today. This is a sad occasion that many of us dread. And I wanted to talk about it for a moment. I hope you do not mind.

You see I lost my own birth father just a lil over a year ago. And I choose of a way for me to honor him. My mom and dad gave me a gardenia bush before he passed. It is a flower that I have always loved. My mom wore Jungle Gardenia perfume while I was growing up. And it always made me feel so grown up to wear it too! Well when my dad passed, he had chosen to be cremated. I asked my brother if I could have some of the ashes for my own special place. He agreed. My father was in the army and due to that he was qualified to have a special foot stone for his grave provided by the U S Army. Well since there was not a grave to visit I choose for the stone to be placed at the base of the gardenia bush he gave me. And I mixed some of his ashes in with the dirt and fertilizer to help the bush grow. The rest I had I placed under the Bronze Markers And Plaques. I have a way of remembering him here at my home.

Also my home is almost 100 years old. It had one previous owner before us. They built the house and did all the rock work around here. The gentleman was a mason so we have all kinds of stones, rocks and monuments here. We even found the ladies first grave marker here. The temporary one they give you made from metal. We have it in our flower bed as a memory to her and thanking them for the house we now call home. It may seem odd to others but I always want to have a way of honoring those before me.

How do you choose to do that? Do you place a marker somewhere. Or only at the cemetery? Have you used Bronze Markers And Plaques? Or a traditional headstone? Cast plaques and grave markers have been used to honor loved ones. But we also find ways to recognize individuals and commemorate lives. Have you had a Bronze Markers And Plaques made for a loved pet. We have our own lil pet cemetery here. I want to have one Bronze Markers And Plaques made to mark these animals who filled our lives with joy.

Do you feel it is morbid to honor those who have past at your own home? How would you choose to do it? For my friend who we lost this week I want to make a wind chime. One from an old wine bottle. You see she won the battle over alcohol. And lived a sober life for 10 years. I wish to have a wind chime with a bottle that is empty, open on the bottle. Using coins from AA inside to make the bottle "chime". To show that it is not what is inside that helps people but instead the music we all hear instead.

Share with me the ways you honor those you love. Or what your wishes are one day. I know it is a sad subject. But how do you want to be remembered? What would be on your own Bronze Markers And Plaques?


  1. thats so sweet about the gardenias...I honestly havent 'lost' anyone other than my grandpa 6 1/2 yrs ago we honor him by helping out on the farm in the vegi garden helpin my grandma have fresh vegis...

  2. Thanks for the blog on www.BronzeMarkersAndPlaques.com. Our non-profit group needs a large commemorative bronze plaque and (ugh!) my wife needs to start looking for a bronze grave marker for her aunt since nobody else in the family is showing interest in helping look for something that's affordable.

  3. Hi there :)

    I think your idea of a windchime is fantastic. I think you should definitely make it. She would love it!!! I don't think its morbid at all. I think its a great healer. I love that you live in a 100 yr old house!!! How cool is that!! They really don't make houses these days like they used to before.

  4. What neat tributes to loved ones who have passed on..


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