Boy vs Girl

No not me! Not possible and way past the age I would want to be. But, I have some questions for those of you who are? Or thinking of being pregnant. I was wondering if you could choose the sex of your child would you? You see I am a mom of a girl. And I would not want it any other way. I was terrified I was going to have a boy. Boys are OK! I just did not want to raise one. I know, I know, we all are saying--I will be happy if it is healthy. Of course! But do you have a preference? And if so, why?

I know that it opens doors up as to moral thoughts, genetic coding and so many other things. But I am more on the wave length of the differences in raising boys to girls. Nessa you have both so you may understand a lil of what I am saying. But there are differences. Some say girls cost more. Others say boys are more rambunctious. Lots of different ideas.

I was just wondering your thoughts. BTW I know where you can go and have these lively debates. And also get lots of tips from pregnancy to raising teens. I love hearing others thoughts and ideas so you to may want to share.


  1. Personally I have 2 boys...I do have nieces that I am around all the time so I can safely say I would rather have boys...I tell hubby the only way I would ever have another would be if I could be guaranteed a boy however I don't believe in "choosing" the sex of your child (I believe the gift comes from Above - not in a lab) so we won't be having anymore :o) Just my opinion...Besides being a female with a whacked out head makes me even more partial to never having a girl just in case she was anything like me :o)

  2. I love my girls...and I am glad that I had them. I don't know if I could raise boys, personally...I'm sure I could if that's what I had...but I don't so I love my girls! :) No more baby having going on around here anymore either...


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