Rainbow Tint

You have heard of looking at life through rose colored glasses.  Where you try to see life as a "rosy" outlook.  Taking it in optimistically.  Or better yet smelling the perfume but not feeling the thorns.

Well, I am having a little more skewed outlook.  Instead, I am doing my best to see life through rainbow colored eyes.  Or more so, prism glasses that create a rainbow hue on the edges of things.

I have one eye that pulls in due to muscle damage.  So there are prisms on my glasses to help me with double vision.  I am glad for the help and more so for the new outlook on life.  If I can remember that inside a person are the rainbow effects I am now seeing on the outside, then I will learn to see their beauty and not their flaws.

I think this is better than just having a rosy outlook on life.  Instead, I am truly desiring to see the best of their spirit.  Maybe this is a better way to start a new year.

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