Oh, my I hate how cold it is getting.  Yeah, I am such a wimp to cold weather.  My toes and fingers freeze so easy.  All I wish to do is find a heater to curl up on top of!  Sadly I am not a cat and don't fit within the pipes.

Thus I am wearing 2 pairs of socks and house shoes while I am trying to do some chores around the house.  Hopefully moving around will also keep me warm.  Of course every now and then I manage to have a hot flash.  Lovely menopause!  So from freezing pain to melting flesh in 3 seconds.  Then of course once I am through sweating all over I go back to freezing.  Yet worse since I am now wet with sweat that is then making me even colder.

Okay well off to work around the house and time to keep warm.  Have a good day!

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