Time To Shark It!

So being that I live in the dustiest town in Texas, my house is in a constant need of cleaning.  Let's not add in that it is 90+ years old and has NO insulation of any kind.  Top that off with 4 dogs and a cat.  (We currently have the "Puppy 5000" going on where they race around the house to see who can stir up the most dirt!)  With all these animals I would be crazy if we did not have a doggie door for them to track in even more dirt....I mean go outside to do their daily business of barking and stalking birds.  I am sure you can guess that there is dog hair, cat hair, dirt and dust all over my house.  I sweep every single day.  I also mop every single day.  And I dust at least once every single day.  Not that you could tell.

So if you do not think I have not used many different ways to clean these floors your as crazy as I am.  I have two different vacuum cleaners now and not happy with the way either one of them preforms.  Thus that is why I sweep my floors all the time.  I have one lil ol thing thing that does nothing but push the dirt around.  I mean every time I use it the canister is empty.  Thus it sits in the corner collecting even more dust.  Beside it is an upright that is supposed to be great.  Hepa filter and all...big, bulky and just as useless.  I think that these two non suction suckers are just laughing at me every time I turn them on.
Thus, when Shark offered me a new Shark Rocket with Duo Clean technology that will not only do my hardwood floors but also my small carpets, you bet I said yes!  The Duo Clean means that there is both a brush and a roller that ensures that both the bigger items and the smaller ones will be picked up.  It arrived while I was gone so today I opened up the box to see what was there.
Yes there was a little set up but it was really easy.  No worrying on what fit where and how...pretty much look, place, click and go. Also I loved that this was lightweight. I am not lugging around a dragon of a machine.  Top it off I can not only clean my floors but I can use the tools to dust (how I need that), clean the pet hair off the furniture, get up high onto the ceiling fans and those cob webs that get up into our 10 foot ceilings (it did reach all the way up too!) as well as under the furniture...even the couch!
 You see you can take the small motor portion with the dirt catcher and attach smaller tools or you can put it on the main portion for doing the floors.  Really versatile. And a great LONG 30 foot cord.  That made me really happy.  I plugged in at the front of the house and was able to reach 2/3rds of all of my home without having to change plugs.

Just look at how much dirt it picked up in the front 3 rooms of my house! Yeah that is my hand there and that pile is huge!  Dirt, dust, pet hair and all was just on my floors.  I did not even get under all the furniture yet!
I am going to use the special tool for going up under the couch, chairs and bed.  Here it is fully extended and takes up almost all of my dining table in length.  You don't think that will get up under all your furniture?

And when your all done it tucks away easy.  You put the motor portion onto a special lil holder so it will not tip over.  I placed all of my tools in the carry bag and added it to the machine for storage.  Now time for me to toss out the old dragon and wimp cleaners and have a place of honor for my lovely Shark!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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