Spoiled Rotten

Do you love your pets as if they were your family?  Well, I do!  My four fur babies are what calm me.  Petting them as they wiggle and lick me always makes me laugh.  To see such joy from them, knowing how happy they are to just be loved on.  It makes me want to do all I can do to show them they are vital and important in my life.  Thus a little spoiling here and there goes a long way.

Lately, our youngest is a foster from our city pound.  She is all legs and teeth right now.  Wanting to chew as it is the stage of puppyhood we all know so well.  The best thing we have ever found is to have TONS of toys around for her to have access too.  Also not to freak out when there is the occasional slip up on what she decides to chew on.  Most often if we as "parents" had kept our belongings out of range then she would not have chewed on them.  One of the favorite tail-wagging treats is Pup-peroni sticks.  And of course, you know how hard it is for them to eat just one.  Thankfully I can break them into bite size bits. I think of these as doggie beef sticks.

Now at the very same time, it is also important to give healthy treats to our four-legged darlings.  The deserve to be fed food of quality.  I know that good food is important to my diet as well as theirs.  We have loved sharing Farmer's Medley Biscuits by Milk-Bone with our fur babies.  And I promise you these treats have not gone by the wayside with them like others have.  Sometimes they have actually snarled their little lips at dull tasting treats.  Instead, these are lapped up and crunched away on in an instant.  I really love that my littlest dog can easily eat them!

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