Up and Moving

Well it is time for Walk Across Texas once again.  It is a program to help people get up and get active once again.  Every year this is sponsored by AgriLife Extension.  There are teams of eight that try to walk a total of 840 miles in eight weeks.

The first year I did this all alone and did the whole 840 miles.  Last year I captained a team that placed fourth in our county.  This year our same team, "Take A Hike", is hoping to make it up to first place.  The first week just passed and we have made our goal to start off.  That helps us be more determined to move, move, move.

Also I put on a few pounds in the last year.  Hopefully I can take some of it off during this time too.  This last week I managed to take off three of those extra pounds.  So this too makes me feel happy and hopeful.  Now just to keep this up!

Anyway I just wanted to share what we are doing to get up and moving.  If you want to join in you can.  Just get up and go.  You can track your miles at MapMyWalk.com and log on to WalkAcrossTexas.tamu.edu if you wish to compete with us.

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