Solemn Sunday

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General Conference with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
It has been a very trying and tiring week.  From extended hospital stays and short quick hospital surgeries for our parents, to schedules turned upside down and work being put on hold.  It is also General Conference for us in the LDS church.  A time that we are renewed with talks from the leaders in our church.  I was looking so forward to the renewal of spirit from this.  Sadly with the state of my mom-in-law's impending demise, my focus is not able to stay with the spirit well.

My Dear Hubby has been at her bedside for two weeks now and is utterly exhausted.  He returned home this morning for a bath and a nap.  My idea of a nap for him will be let his sleep til his body returns on its own.  He is not in agreement with me but also understands that I will turn off any alarms so no use in even trying.  It is for the best for him to rest no matter of the situation.  He is at his ropes end as well as myself.

So now to help me refocus on positive thoughts?  I am getting my home back into an order I can function with.  It amazes me that one person staying here this summer put me in such a horrid funk that I was doing all I could to stay away from my home.  This was one of the times that helping someone else so backfired.  But I have managed to rearrange the house once again and claim the space anew.  Once again I am making this into a one bedroom house with personal space at the focus for us.  Honestly for a supposed three bedroom, two bath home, it truly feels like a very small house to me.

Here is the current layout.  With the furniture layout.  And also a copy of just the rooms listed.  See what I mean as it just seems to be a one bedroom house.  Yeah, I know that the kitchen is the whole focus of the house with the dining room in front.  But that is where I seem to find my most enjoyment so I just stole half the house for that.  We watch very little of movies and removed any conventional TV so the den became the smallest area.  And it seems that I need a place for nothing but dressing area and office.  Yes, for those who are observant there are two beds in the bedroom.  I have a twin size low bed for just my dogs to sleep on.  When you have big dogs they also need their space.

Well as I have sat here typing, Dear Hubby has drifted off.  It seems he if finally getting some much needed rest.  Sweet dreams my dear man.  May your Mother also be lifted up now to our Heavenly Father as she too rest.

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