Is It Tuesday Yet?

Good morning all.  I would say a bright and beautiful morning but it is still dark out.  So instead I will be looking forward to the dawn.

This is how most of the house looked like.
How can it only be Tuesday and I be so exhausted?  Well yes, ten hours of non stop cleaning yesterday could be part of it.  Seriously!  I cleaned a 3 story Victoria home yesterday and never took a single break.  It was a beauty to be in though.  5 bedroom, 3 bath, 7 fireplaces, 3 living rooms, an office, dining room, kitchen and two pantries (yes one was a butler's pantry!)  

This is sorta what the staircase looked like.
There is even an attic playroom set up that made me want to hid in so I could sit and write stories.  What took so long was that I made sure to clean all the walls with murphy's oil soap.  They were beautiful detailed wood work up to the ceiling.  As well as the grand staircase with it's deep curve and beautiful railing.  Of course a home like this is solid wood floors throughout so it also was cleaned the same way.  It did help that I purchased a sponge mop so I could get all the way up the walls without having to go up and down ladders all day long.

Now today will be a half day of house cleaning then off to the mini big city (Abilene) this afternoon.  My mother in law has been in the hospital with heart problems for over a week now.  And my own mom, Granny M, is going in for heart surgery on Wednesday.  We are joking on how they need to put them in a double room so it can be easier on us to care for them.   I pray they both are home soon and able to make a full recovery.

Y'all have a great Tuesday.  Oh and remember today is  National Coffee Day!  Enjoy!! 

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