Lost A Part of My Heart

Well I can now sit quietly and think without tears streaming down my face.  It has been quite hard to keep myself from showing grief and staying strong this last week.  You see Dear Hubby has lost his mother to deaths door.  Yes, we knew it was coming as she has been very ill for some time.  But that does not soften the blow only prepares you to know the blow is coming.

Mostly I have tried ever so hard to stay calm, not show emotion and to keep strong so that my sweetheart and children could let go as needed.  It was a fitting tribute to my mother in law to see the long line of teens and young adults that shook our hands after the burial.  You see she was the teacher for the youth at the local catholic church for over 20 years.  She has made a major impact on the lives of the teens in this community.

I could tell you all her good and bad qualities as anyone else could too, but instead I wish to share what she shared with me.  She gave me the most loving husband ever.  He tells me he tries ever so hard to pattern his attention to me like his father has always done to his mother.  That is a blessing alone.  His mother teased me that I married her son and now had to keep him, he was not allowed to come back home.  And after a rocky start in our relationship as in-laws to each other, we grew to a fast bond of love for the men in our lives.  She also gave me unconditional love.  Always letting me know that she thought I was a very efficient wife.  It has been hard letting her go.  I know she is no longer hurting and that alone is a blessing.

Hug your moms, dads, in-laws and loved ones today.  Know they are your blessings.    

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