Monday Blessings

I can not begin to believe how blessed I am.  Today is one of those perfect days.  Sun shining, birds singing and joy in my heart.

It has started out with my husband on the upside of being ill.  He is not well yet but he is headed that direction and for that I am grateful.  Next my darling daughter and Other Mom arrived to share "coffee" time and breakfast with us.  After a fun round of cards and a lil visit from the young women from the Jehovah Witness church, we dashed to the store for some medication.

Tons of bargains there where we saved as much as we spent and restocked some of our pantry.  Popped out to deliver a hug and purchase to my father-in-law and returned home to a sweet friend delivering goodies to us from her home.  It included some beautiful rugs for my floors, a carousal horse for the front yard and new bedding for our sleeping quarters.  There was also a sweet bottle of lotion in my mail box from our darling mail lady as well as a note of thanks from a women in our church.  Can you count all the blessings?

Now I am sitting on the front porch, soaking up sunshine and having a bite of lunch with my Dear Hubby.  We are having the poor man's equivalent of pate', cheese and crackers.  I know that tonight we are to have dinner with our missionaries and that is always heart lifting.  Add in loving pets to share our day with and it could not be a better blessing.

You know what?  Life is grand!

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