To Those I Love

Happy V Day to all here!  It is a good day to share our love.  Be it with your partner, child, family or friends.  Just make sure to tell them all that they are an important part of your life.

Dear Hubby.  Your my all and all love of my life.  I am still amazed that you love me back with as much as you give to me.  Thank you always for supporting me in all I do.  Your my knight in dented armor (protecting your Queen takes a few hits now and then).

JD. My #1 fan and also my daughter.  How lucky can I be?  Always taking up for me and seeing the best of any situation I get in.  Your the best!  I love you.  Keep on writing as I am looking for that first best seller.

My amazing step-kids, S & J & K.  Wow who would have known that my life was going to include y'all?  The best adults ever to grace my life.  Supportive, loving and above all having the greatest sense of humor that keeps me smiling all the time.  Thank you all for giving Dear Hubby and I your wonderful kids to be our grandbabes (one on the way really soon too!).  That is a gift we treasure so from y'all and your loved ones.

Granny M.  What words can tell a mom that she is all a girl ever needed?  A friend to hang with, someone to share dreams and secrets with, guidance for good decisions and most of all the best lap ever to curl up in.  I love you.  I am ever so thankful for you.  And I pray I some how am half the daughter to you that you deserve.

My Friends, Candy, Jennifer, Julie, The Other Mother, Nessa, Charity.  Oh wow here is the best support group ever.  Those of you who have kept me going when I thought I could not take another step.  Those of you who stood by me when I was making mistakes.  Those of you who kicked me in the bottom so I would get up and change too.  Those of you who love me for just being me.  I hope we all get to continue having a great time doing what we all do best.  Laugh, talk, play, share, cook & eat, giggle, cry some and hug all the time.  Ladies your what carries me through all the tough times.

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