Room #2 In Progress

Well we managed to finish floor #2.  I can not seem to get photos taken that really show the color.  Hate my cell phone for the bad photos I get.  But I do love the look that is starting to come around.  Yesterday after church we also was able to look at the kitchen cabinets that a friend is helping us with.  They should be coming in this week.  Then we can start to place them in and see what we need to do for counter tops.  I am very excited.  We still have to move the stove to the new kitchen and plumb in the gas for it.  But all will happen in due time.  Next batch of warm weather and I am pulling up the old tile and painting the floor in the existing kitchen so I can start converting it into the new laundry room!

So here is a few bad pics of what I have done so far.

This counter was in Granny M's stores and cafe for many years.  I love using it for counter and storage space.  Sadly it is where the stove and center island will eventually set.  I do not know what I will be doing with this piece later on.  But my mind is working on ideas.  The counters coming in will run down the wall on the left under the windows and across the back wall behind this counter.

I plan on having small thinner cabinets under the windows to help me with storage space.  And the there will be cabinets on the wall you can not see opposite of the counter in the middle of the room.  

See what I mean about all the space this counter has in it!!!

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