One Room Down

Well I have the "new" dining room floor done and the furniture moved in.  Bit by bit I plan on getting all the floors redone here in the house this spring.  It really needs to be done for the house to look better and to keep me from going totally bonkers.

Also it will help as I plan on how the rooms will be moved around.  There are plans to renovate as we can.  So I am doing the parts I can do now or at least visualize.  The first room of the house was the living room.  Now it has become my dining room.  For two reasons.  First it is the room we spend the most time in.  Everything seems to center around the dining room table for us.  Be it meals, games, bible study or just visiting.  Second, the front windows let in so much sunlight.  I need and love that.  It is what keeps me going so much of the time.

Well here it is so far.  We will be redoing the walls once we get the house leveled.  But that is some time from now.

The dining table was my maternal grandparents from the 1950's.  I love this table so very much.  The china hutch (top part) was built by Dear Hubbys maternal grandfather in the 1920's from California.  The lil round side table was built by my great maternal grandfather.  And the radio behind the table (the one standing up) was also from my maternal grandparents.

You see there is so much history in my home.  I am surrounded by family memories.  This is like having my family around me guiding me.  At least it is to me.  

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