Sound Mind

This is my favorite verse from the Bible.  It is what I lean on the most.  Where I get strength from.  The promises here are perfect for me.  There are 5 points that fill me.

1.  That God has promised and gives me these things first and foremost!

2.  I do not have to be fearful.  It is of my own making when I am.

3.  I am powerful, it is a God given right.  That power is inside of me.  It helps me get through the bad times and endures through out.

4.  I am loved, I am filled with love and I have plenty of love to share.  There is never a time I can not fill this nor give it.  And it never empties.

5.  Especially for this woman, Crazed Mind, I am reassured that I do have a sound mind.  It is the mind that is right for me.  Due to that I see things the way I am suppose to see them.  And in this my thoughts are my own, great for having the ability to understand in a way that makes sense to me and my mind works in a logical manner.

Yes, this is the passage that keeps me focused best.  I challenge you to share what helps you stay focused?

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