Working On Some Sunshine

I told y'all my living room was almost empty.  Well there is the treadmill for me workout on and I moved it to the front windows so I could get what lil sunshine is out there.  First I have to convince the dogs to let me get it running without them on it.

As you see they are hoping to go for a walk with me.  

English: Turnips (Brassica rapa) Fran├žais : Na...
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But I did get out for a bit of time.  We have a friend who is kind enough to holler at the end of the season and let us pull turnips from his crop.  So The Other Mother and I spent a few hours filling up both of our cars with everything we had that would hold these yummy roots.  Then the rain started.  She went to pick up Princess Emma from school and I started delivering turnips around town.  Going from house to house of those I know that love them.  Bagging them up and taking them from door to door.  Of course there was plenty to share.  The biggest part will be delivered to the Salvation Army for them to hand out with food donations in the next week.  

Do you like turnips?  I love them.  Fried, baked, name it.  Just peel the skin as that is often what gives them that wang.  I was told that if you do them like a baked potato and add butter and brown sugar they are the bomb!

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