Space to Breath

This last week I gave away my living room furniture.  I was not using it and another lady needed some furniture, so it was right to share.  Thus it went to her new apartment.  I was so very happy to share with her.  Then a friend of mine finally was able to get into her own place after sharing for awhile.  I took her plants that I was caring for back to her.  Oh and the plants that had been given to me I shared with the lady whom I gave my furniture too.  Then today I gave my 1886 piano away.  They picked it up this afternoon.  Now I have washed the windows and taken down the curtains to be washed from my living room.  So the room almost looks like this.

And do you know what?  I am loving it!  Honestly.  Currently I have my treadmill in there and I am going to put it right in front of the windows so I can get direct sunlight as I walk on it.  And I can do my yoga in there as well as my other exercise.  The room has space for me to dance, stretch and just move around in.  For this particular moment of time, I am really happy with an almost empty room.


  1. Oh, to have an almost empty room. I would not know what to do.


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