Went to the Waters Edge

Today was our baptism!  I wish I had the big ol group photo of all that came to support us but it has not been sent to us yet.  You will hopefully get to see it later.  We had 51 people sharing our special day with us.  I am tingling with the joy of having joined with both Dear Hubby and my BFF at the waters today.  You're well aware I tend to be a peppy person but today has been all I can do to hold in the bubbles of happiness I feel.  Really you know people look at you odd if your dancing around in the streets, halls and restaurants.  Thus I contained myself and tried to look like a grown up instead.

Dear Hubby, Me, Nathan and BFF
Here is one of the three of us with our sweet Nathan who traveled from Utah, with his father just to share our day with us.  We also were treated to having our middle daughter and the Grandbabes with us as well as Dear Hubby's big brother.  But it is time for Dear Hubby to shave as he was asked if his big brother was his SON!  Oh that made us all laugh.  Princess Emma wore a beautiful blue outfit and was escorted by The Other Mother and Poppa also.  And what made it really special for me was that Granny M was there supporting me all the way.  My own JD could not make it due to work but her good looking man did join Granny M so you know it was a striking couple even if it was a lil mutt and jeff with foot of height difference.

Oh the support and love goes on and on and on.  We have been hugged, loved and prayed for so much this week that we should all be just shiny.  When I get the photos of us in our white jumpsuits I will share with you again.  Well, maybe.  We may also have all looked like glorified painters or elvis impersonators.   But I do know that I still want to bounce around and sing and dance and shout and twirl and just show the happy I feel inside.

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