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So when you cut out sodas, coffee, tea, and can't drink milk then it starts getting creative.  And sadly I am a woman of routine.  So far I am doing morning cocoa and dinner time juice.  That means it is water all day for me.  Well if you know me at all you know I am not just a plain water kinda gal.  I have been adding "drops".  You know the lil things to jazz it up and add some flavor.  My BFF pointed out that those are tasty but also add in aspartame.  Dang, that sure messed up that healthy feeling.  Currently I have some water with some oranges in the bottom of it hopefully giving off some flavor chilling in the fridge.  Will be trying that today.  What I was hoping was for you creative people to help me find some other drink ideas that do not have soda, coffee, tea (herbal okay) or milk in them that does not cost an arm or leg to fix.  Help a gal out okay?

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